How to Rock Twitter in 2015

Rock Twitter 2

Revamp your profile

Twitter is not static and it should be revisited every now and then. Visuals such as your header and profile images need to be up-to-date, compelling, polished and optimized to reflect your brand and what you tweet about. One of the most important element of your Twitter profile your Twitter bio. It is one the first things your potential followers see, which makes it a unique opportunity for you to present yourself and your brand, grow your Twitter audience and build a stronger online presence.This means that you need to make sure you make the most out of these 160 characters with keywords, links and smart copy.

Tweet Smart

In Tweeting smart can help you increase your brand’s awareness on Twitter and build an audience in a more effective way. But what does smart tweeting mean? Using hashtags that are relevant to your content and the audience you’re targeting, knowing when it’s best for you to tweet to maximize your reach and of course tweeting often. You can use tools such as Social Bro that creates a report and lets you know when are the best times to tweet. Part of your content plan is also your tweeting frequency. A good starting point is sending out three to five tweets throughout a day. Obviously, you need to experiment with different tweeting frequencies to see what resonates best with your audience and discover when it’s best for you to tweet.

Split test your marketing on Twitter

Twitter is a great platform for split testing your marketing and gathering feedback. You can use Twitter to test the subject lines of your email marketing campaigns, blog topics and titles as well as social media copy.


It is important to remember that Twitter is not just a a tool for you to share your press releases promotions and content about how awesome you are. First and foremost Twitter is a social platform that calls for interaction with other users.
Answer questions, participate in conversations and retweet your followers. Building relationships with your audience and influencers in your field and being part of conversations not only helps you boost your brand’s visibility but also it is how you develop trust and establish yourself as an authority.

Use #hashtags

When you think of Twitter, you think of hashtags. Hashtags originated from Twitter and they have been adopted by different platforms as an easy way to label and categorize content.Using the right hashtags on Twitter can help you generate engagement and amplifying your message to specific audiences outside your group of followers and possibly generating leads. Using the right hashtags will help you target the right audience for your brand, be part of their Twitter conversations and start building relationships.

Go visual

Tweets that include videos and images have proven to drive more engagement than other tweets. As a result, many successful brands such as Oreo use a mix of GIFs, Vines, videos and images in their tweets on a regular basis with a positive impact on their engagement rates.

Twitter monitoring and analytics

Your Twitter strategy wouldn’t be complete without constantly evaluating and refining your tactics. This is the reason why you need to keep a close eye to your audience and engagement metrics and search for answers on what works and what doesn’t. At the same time, it is important to also focus on monitoring your brand and your competitors for a better understanding of what you need to change in your approach and where you should focus your efforts


The 3 things you MUST do to maximize the NEW Twitter Features

Twitter Tips

Twitter will begin rolling out the new change to Profile Pages to users over the next few weeks. Here are some tips to help get you started to maximize the new features:


  1. Plan Your New Profile and Cover Images: Twitter recommends dimensions for header photo of 1500px in width × 500px in height. Now is the time to plan your cover photo image look and feel. The larger profile image on the new version of Twitter gives users more real estate to set the tone of their page. Consider changing profile photos on an ongoing basis to help keep users coming back.


2.Offer Specials with Pinned Tweets: You now have the opportunity to feature a specific tweet a the top of your profile page to let new visitors get a better sense of who you are and what your profile is all about. One thing for brands to consider is featuring a tweet that offers an exclusive piece of content to visitors. Good ideas are white papers, eBooks and Infographic…these are hot trends for brand recognition.

3. Use the Mobile Features for Photo Sharing: Tagging multiple people and posting multiple photos is a great way for brands to better engage with their audience. Consider posting multiple photos that illustrate a story or message to your audience and tag individuals that you think would appreciate the message, interact with it and share it to a wider audience. This new version of Twitter places a deep emphasis on photos and video. Publish photos that are bold and catch peoples attention. This will help to increase engagement when visitors choose to filter your tweets using the photo/video filter.


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Upwards Mobility

Mobile statistics are staggering. Ask yourself what percentage of your time is spent on your desktop/laptop vs your smart phone/tablet and you will see what I mean.


What is the difference between a tablet and a laptop? The simplest answer is this:

Laptops are best for creating content while tablets and mobile are perfect for consuming it. If you are a Business then you probably spend equal amounts of time both consuming and creating content ( Including curation of shareable content for your Social Media Marketing) If you are on the consumer side then…you are consuming consuming and then consuming.

66 percent of those smartphone users surveyed said a good mobile site would make them more likely to make a purchase, while 74 percent said they would be more likely to return to that site. half of mobile device users surveyed said even if they like a business, they would visit its website less often if it didn’t work well with their smartphone. Google wants more mobile websites, more businesses will start moving that way. This simply means that of your web site is not optimized for mobile than you are being left behind.

261058-holiday-with-tabletFortunately for us, Social media platforms are optimized for mobile and as a content creation agency, Social Media Fuse Inc creates and updates a significant amount of content through or mobile tools. There are also guidelines for mobile compatibility that we use when creating content, since we know that the majority of our fan base for our clients will be viewing our content on tablets and smartphones. this is one less thing for you to worry about when you hire a social media marketing agency such as ours to elevate your content.

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Tweet Tweet!

To Tweet or Not to Tweet

In our introductory post we explained that social Media is the

New Normal

There are a plethora of sites from Facebook, Pinterest, Digg and Delicious and not every Social Media Platform suits every business model.

Twitter is a different beast from Facebook in many ways but it is an equally powerful tool if used right.

Many people find it complicated at first, but once you grasp the concept of tweeting, retweeting, following and hashtags you will recognise the power of the little bird…


Here are some key uses of Twitter for business:

Business Intelligence:

Every company has competitors and if you follow your competitors on twitter you can see what types of information they are sharing.

Not only can you see what they share but you can also see who is following them and usually, these are companies and individuals from your industry.

Gain Klout!

You gain loyal followers who like what you have to say and what you share ( articles, blogs, videos etc. ) This is why it is important to have a unique and consistent voice. This can ultimately translate into new business

Customer Service:

Twitter is a direct link to your customers and a tool to give in the moment customer service or just answer simple questions in real time.

If your business is not on twitter you should create a profile now . To get started, remember that your tweets are limited to 140 characters. When you share links they are usually automatically shortened or you can use In your profile, you can use your logo as a profile pic, put a brief synopsis of your business and a link to your web site.

This blog will share in-depth tips and tricks in future post, but we urge you to get started on twitter today.


Social Media 101

You know that “Social” is “The New Media” and you know that your brand needs to be on board with this. You know that there are potential clients among the 800 million Facebook users but you are not sure how to reach them. You also know that Facebook is not the only platform and wonder if you should also be using Twitter, Pinterest, Google plus and a host of other platforms. You are also not sure how to design your page and to create the content that will drive your brand identity.


   These are some of the daunting feelings that small and large businesses alike go through. You can search the web but sometimes the information is not straight forward enough and there are steps you must take in order to have an online presence that works for your brand.

   Through our series of 101’s we will take you through the necessary steps so that you can learn to navigate the landscape.

Before you can ace Social Media Marketing, it is necessary to understand each platform, and the benefits of using it. Facebook is very consumer-oriented, while LinkedIn focuses on building business relationships. Twitter offers the opportunity to connect with both types of audiences.

Social media marketing can prove very lucrative for companies willing to invest the time and energy. There are numerous social media tools that you will learn about in this blog that can reduce the investment required to be successful. In this post we will inform you about the King of the Social Media platforms: Facebook


This is a huge market of over 800 Million Users. Users share information such as Articles, Videos, and Pictures etc. As a brand you want to do the same as well, and then take it a step further. When it comes to Facebook, it is all about news feed marketing. You want to can get your brand and your content on as many people’s news feed as possible.

You gather “Fans” through Facebook’s robust advertising platform and also from linking through other platforms and your brand website through plug-ins. Most, if not all web hosting sites offer this service. If they do not, you can incorporate a widget through ADD THIS. It is east to get the code and embed in your web site. Some ideas of what to do on your page are:

  • Encouraging posts on your wall
  • Having a contest or offering sweepstakes
  • Promoting events and specials
  • Creating Custom Tabs to showcase products events and contests and integrate other social sites
  • Give real Time Customer Service

Social Media Marketing is a very effective too to add to your marketing strategy. Contact Social Media Fuse Inc. for a free Social Media Marketing analysis today.