Why you should use Location Based Marketing


Are you capitalizing on Geo-Tagging?

Following up on our post about mobile websites, we thought it would be           appropriate to tell about location based marketing which can be a huge traffic driver   for physical retail locations. We are all mobile and most of us have smart phones. Apps such as Foursquare and loopt. Twitter and Facebook have a fun feature where you can check in to a physical location.

 Quick Tip: If your company is not registered as a location that fans can check into, you need to do this now. This is the first step.

Once you are live then you are ready to use the marketing tools that encourage check ins.

You may ask what the benefit of check-ins are. Marketing 101 states that the best form of marketing is word of mouth. If a person checks in at your location and has 500 friends, the the possible amount of people seeing this check in is 500. Do this for each person that checks in and this multiplies your reach exponentially.

 So how do you encourage check ins?

This is another marketing opportunity. By offering incentives for check ins such as coupons, contest entry and sweepstakes, customers will check in. Who doesn’t love a bargain?

Some examples are:


  •  Discounts:  Offer a discount to an individual for simply checking in
  •  Loyalty:  Discount or freebie for Multiple checkins
  •  Bulk Check-ins: Offer a Deal to groups of friends who check-in together

Fans can know about deals through facebook posts ( Sponsored or organic) , Signage outside of a physical  location or advertisements on traditional media. Social Media Fuse can do all your Geo- marketing as a part of their integrated Social Media Marketing. All you have to do is sit back and count the traffic. Once the fans come in, the rest is up to you!