Upwards Mobility

Mobile statistics are staggering. Ask yourself what percentage of your time is spent on your desktop/laptop vs your smart phone/tablet and you will see what I mean.


What is the difference between a tablet and a laptop? The simplest answer is this:

Laptops are best for creating content while tablets and mobile are perfect for consuming it. If you are a Business then you probably spend equal amounts of time both consuming and creating content ( Including curation of shareable content for your Social Media Marketing) If you are on the consumer side then…you are consuming consuming and then consuming.

66 percent of those smartphone users surveyed said a good mobile site would make them more likely to make a purchase, while 74 percent said they would be more likely to return to that site. half of mobile device users surveyed said even if they like a business, they would visit its website less often if it didn’t work well with their smartphone. Google wants more mobile websites, more businesses will start moving that way. This simply means that of your web site is not optimized for mobile than you are being left behind.

261058-holiday-with-tabletFortunately for us, Social media platforms are optimized for mobile and as a content creation agency, Social Media Fuse Inc creates and updates a significant amount of content through or mobile tools. There are also guidelines for mobile compatibility that we use when creating content, since we know that the majority of our fan base for our clients will be viewing our content on tablets and smartphones. this is one less thing for you to worry about when you hire a social media marketing agency such as ours to elevate your content.

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