Social Media 101

You know that “Social” is “The New Media” and you know that your brand needs to be on board with this. You know that there are potential clients among the 800 million Facebook users but you are not sure how to reach them. You also know that Facebook is not the only platform and wonder if you should also be using Twitter, Pinterest, Google plus and a host of other platforms. You are also not sure how to design your page and to create the content that will drive your brand identity.


   These are some of the daunting feelings that small and large businesses alike go through. You can search the web but sometimes the information is not straight forward enough and there are steps you must take in order to have an online presence that works for your brand.

   Through our series of 101’s we will take you through the necessary steps so that you can learn to navigate the landscape.

Before you can ace Social Media Marketing, it is necessary to understand each platform, and the benefits of using it. Facebook is very consumer-oriented, while LinkedIn focuses on building business relationships. Twitter offers the opportunity to connect with both types of audiences.

Social media marketing can prove very lucrative for companies willing to invest the time and energy. There are numerous social media tools that you will learn about in this blog that can reduce the investment required to be successful. In this post we will inform you about the King of the Social Media platforms: Facebook


This is a huge market of over 800 Million Users. Users share information such as Articles, Videos, and Pictures etc. As a brand you want to do the same as well, and then take it a step further. When it comes to Facebook, it is all about news feed marketing. You want to can get your brand and your content on as many people’s news feed as possible.

You gather “Fans” through Facebook’s robust advertising platform and also from linking through other platforms and your brand website through plug-ins. Most, if not all web hosting sites offer this service. If they do not, you can incorporate a widget through ADD THIS. It is east to get the code and embed in your web site. Some ideas of what to do on your page are:

  • Encouraging posts on your wall
  • Having a contest or offering sweepstakes
  • Promoting events and specials
  • Creating Custom Tabs to showcase products events and contests and integrate other social sites
  • Give real Time Customer Service

Social Media Marketing is a very effective too to add to your marketing strategy. Contact Social Media Fuse Inc. for a free Social Media Marketing analysis today.